Thursday, 4 December 2008

SURVIVAL of small businesses

Maybe it’s a case of the blind leading the blinded. Sorry to start on a grumpy note but I remember an entry I put in LINK* on the definition of a Chancellor ' --- a head of government, or one in charge of the government purse - a responsible position filled by someone caring for the people and reasonably able to foresee the economic future’
It seems, in Westminster's ivory towers, the feeling is widespread that ALL that really matters is cunning financial management and this gives the best way forward for ‘UK plc’.
Now, looking back on the astronomic rise and now the fall of the ‘property industry’ the mistake can be seen. It is fine to have a lovely house, brand spanking new to live in, but one does need to have a JOB also to help pay for the running expenses of that house.
So how to help the SURVIVAL of small businesses, where some 60% of jobs exist. They are heavily burdened by unsympathetic regulations, yet it is their essential contribution that gives people the chance of interesting work and the chance to create real liquidity i.e. assets that can easily be converted into cash.
This help can be given by government and will give big savings in unemployment benefit payouts etc. It can be done and must be done. There are many people who will work hard once given the chance of an interesting job.
I think this will often mean you should actually use your hands to produce items. It is time to dispel the misnomer that manual work is somehow beneath us to do. It is often very satisfying and has an intellectual side too. I often see a bank manager neighbour of mine happily fixing up his own garden fence. Full job satisfaction often comes from having a wide range of abilities.
I hear the pre budget just out is good for small business, but a rate free start up year, freeing up of parking restrictions and many other sensible concessions would help small concerns a lot more. To give a lot more freedom to get on with the job is the very best medicine to help the country forward and help the recession to pass quickly.