Sunday, 19 July 2009



Dear Reader, It is never my intention to talk the UK down – enough of the media is busy doing that already. Instead let’s look what went wrong and work hard together to put matters right.

Already there is much material wealth in the UK. It is simply a matter of sensibly organisation to respond correctly to the new conditions.

‘Is it worth it! As individuals we can make no difference’ some may say . At LINK we believe it is possible to improve matters. Much of the difficulty we face is set up by unbalanced and deeply negative media. Toss this depressing stuff aside and our chance is much better.
Here is a personal snapshot. My 88 year old friend at the sports centre swims every week and plays golf five times. My carpenter friend works hard and often does not demand payment till you are ready to pay; A young lady I know works hard in the day and yet still has time to bring up her three children to a very good standard. An Ice Cream man who comes around not only sell his delicious ice cream but is ready to give a little away to any ‘needy’ children. There are so many people in society who are prepared to put in a bit more. It is well worth the fight to get back to normal life with security and hope – to LOBBY FOR A GOVERNMENT ( a coalition*, a Linking together of parties?) that sees the need for better conditions for business with much lighter restrictions and a tax regime that is affordable and fair. This way we may still see the UK’s recovery and happier times ahead!
*Coalition governments exist in many countries. A coalition government might also be created in a time of national difficulty or crisis, for example during wartime, to give a government the high degree of perceived political legitimacy it desires whilst also playing a role in diminishing internal political strife, i.e. All effort applied to the countries good rather than the usual fighting and squabbling.