Saturday, 26 April 2014

We agreed that our meetings were quite unique

We three of LINK co - op met on 25 April . It rained and it was just we three. We agreed that our meetings were quite unique and people did not know what they were missing and that people in the UK did not do communications and so missed out on much of life. So we went to the pub and agreed that this new meeting format was very interesting and we would do it again! See you next meeting - It's to be May 30th.
Pls check nearer to then, just to be sure.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Some TRY to get out finding a job or even take the new route and set up their own self employed business.  Many who succeed then find they are working hard but they have less  money than they got before happily (or unhappily) sitting in the benefits trap. Many say then ‘why should I bother, Job satisfaction only comes with work so I can keep my family!

Advanced machinery reduces the need for labour and the number of jobs available, it is not surprising that the ‘benefits trap’ has become a regular way of life for many and a viable way to survive.  

‘’How can we overcome this huge difficulty facing society? Is it possible to overcome it?  Here is a society running so short of opportunities many are sucked in to soap watching and the national grid goes into overload just as EE comes to a close and all the kettles are switched on to make a cup of tea?

How can fresh initatives be stimulated?  Our ‘soften the fall media’ has a tremendous dumbing down effect; there is now  a huge and sad malaise in society.

Young people are still hoping for a job; even those well placed by family background and education who obtain the passbook of a degree find it difficult to get work with less and less places available.

Here comes the watering down after many schools unfortunate misleadings; the sharpness of hope is taken out of life. 

WE may talk of job experience or even joining the services to get a real training and all these might be possible had we a democratic government working for the people of this country and thinking further than the Westminster game show. Here  MPs are safely cocooned and has others hit hard time they vote themselves higher salaries, how  on earth can such a situation continue.

Look at Daw Mill, here  is a real life example of why the situation will never improve.  

The loss of yet another colliery at Daw Mill in Warwickshire. A fire has been burning for almost a month now and this after lots of work so the mine may continue! Here is the last straw. So sad?  

Yet is this really the true situation? We live now in an age of technology and advanced fire control techniques.  It may not be easy but of course the fire can be put out and there is coal there to be mined, some 56 million tons remain on the site! If UK Coal want to rescue the work of 650 miners there they can do it, yet instead they are working with government to close the mine. This will not just make 650 miners very unhappy but many more people whose work is drawn from supplying the mine with all the ancilliary services it requires, perhaps 2 or 3 thousand jobs and the wellbeing of many families around the area will be shattered, gone for ever.

Is the buck carried by UKCoal?  Is UKCoal part of ‘our’ democratic government and do they really care?

‘We will toddle down to Westminster and play our party games as we always do’ they may say----‘  come on David et al , here is a real chance to show what to do and that ‘we are all in it together’  

20 million or whatever is very little compared with the cost of all these people forced onto benefits and all those skills gone. Now for once we must sacrifice the god of money and save this centre of working for  all the people concerned. We desperately need to build up again all the UK’s industries as a better way forward for all : or surely we all become office boys selling insurance to one another as an extension to the city of London! A truly grim prospect.