Sunday, 23 December 2012

Friendly fun & liveliness at LINK co-operative.

Now we begin to build up LINK co-operative and it’s various ventures...  Membership is free and all we really ask is that when you can you make an effort to attend our meetings and share your experiences.  - They happen as  FRIENDLY FORUMS every month. Usually on Fridays, occasionally Thursdays; details are in this paper or visit 
     I’m John Broadhead, editor and ‘co-ordinator’ - it means to try to make sure everything happens as planned and of course that’s impossible; but we are here whatever and it’s all part of the friendly fun & liveliness of LINK co-operative.
    Working together on the events and getting people along when they need transport, is Steven Jhakra, who runs
E Comm community transport. We met outside the ‘every little helps’ shop and Steven helps more than a little in many ways!
    Evans Gallo is our political editor - he talks, rightly, about ‘checks and balances’, definitely a politician!  Sometimes we do politics and hope to have a benficial influence on life in general , in finding jobs and homes.