Saturday, 19 July 2014

Let us all Celebrate! A new Education for our Children

Now no more ‘prescriptive education’ for our children! Let us all celebrate.

On the 28th may last year I complained about the prescriptive education our children might receive at the hands of the then secretary of education. It seems that more than 50% of teachers did not like his ways very much and perhaps found working under him something of a straight jacket.
So the hope is a brighter future for the classroom.  Of course there has to be some guidance in what is taught but why does it take several years and only when it is politically a good idea that a change is made. Does a looming election have any effect?

Sadly we may yet again return to Education as  simply the political football of our partisan ‘democracy’; it kills and spoils the sense of adventure and enjoyment that is possible for children and young people as it is kicked around the pitch. 

Can this ‘return’ be prevented – maybe ‘the academy principle’ applied to all schools and much more open access for parents and their ideas is the best answer.