Sunday, 13 January 2013

There comes a time where good sense must prevail.

The recent Con/ Lib Dem presentation on the coalitions success is my point. Yes, it has been a success, as, though sometimes a bumpy ride, it gives the first signs of govt parties trying to work together. This is an essential if the UK is to move forward in these straightened times.

It even requires that Labour, and all other parties should join this coalition!  Only when govt goes forward with proper and full debate representing all views can we quickly move forward –

Government is not just about producing a leading nation but is about providing a place to live in wellbeing without the stress and struggle we presently have.
Let mps, ministers , and prime minister come out from their  ‘ivory tower’ and travel extensively and join in debate at street level, then they will see what to do We need to be in this process together.
When we have this real effort to put things right, in education, in job provision, in financial management, and in genuine concern for all people,  then, and only then, can the country pull through.
We have the infrastructure already – rather than build, build, build, let us sensibly and carefully provide what’s needed.  An all party coalition,  taking this ‘street level’ approach and allowing full debate without antagonism, will soon find useful solutions to the many problems we are now facing