Tuesday, 24 January 2012

How to kick start jobs to liven up the economy – the reality and the solution --- continued—from 16 December 2011

Most important get education in order. Children with attention difficulties could be taken from classes as necessary and given suitable tasks - physical training, practical work, carpentry, building walls, cookery, simple electronics, whatever. But something as far as possible on a one to one level. Remember even Children who fill the university intakes are often mentioned as having to undertake remedial English courses!
This is the first and most vital point..
Next we must provide jobs/apprenticeships for youngsters. A starting point would be to open the coal mines that have been closed. Tis would also br good for the economy. Of course espensive but the jobs provided would be many and much other real industry would grow from this. It is not that youngsters without jobs are lazy. But most people be bored if asked to sit at a keyboard all day or give out endless useless papers or cut grass in parks.
Certainly also a car industry could be re-established. It might begin with refurbishing used cars and progress from there. Again mechanical and technical training would spring up from this.. And here is a little sub industry that already exists in the many garages that are all around us. If grants were made available to help those who were willing to share their skillls many youngsters who would take such training seriously and be given a valuable starting point.
Expansion not just to repair but also to develop lines in refurbished and even new specialist models would follow on.
Moving on to the stalled building industry. Here refurbishment of older properties, now standing empty would provide work. Again to say it is not that youngsters , those without jobs who are lazy. So often courses are not available -. Because not all work fits into the narrow template that educationalists accept as ‘good’. Government could provide loans to help purchase of new properties and reward banks for providing reasonable schemes to help people into their own homes.
In the private rented sector banks could be pressed to provide reasonable rates and extended repayment terms so that taking buy to let properties became viable and allowed decent profit margins to be made. Again this would provide work and experience for young people. and along with this rent to buy possibilities could be set up for those prepared to put genuine effort into getting a stake in their own homes.
Here are 5 kick start’ possibilities.all quite possible to do. Instead of sending youngsters looking for jobs that do not exist these real jobs could be created.     

Tuesday, 3 January 2012


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I/ we believe and conclude that our own bodies and minds, when fed a good diet with adequate physical exercise and a settled mental background, are well capable of providing the healing and maintenance we require in most situations.
Then, if we can accept this, how best can we prepare so this holistic healing and maintenance of our bodies can happen?
It seems to me we must look closely at our needs. Though we have many different ones I think we can generalise them in this little picture of what we all need…
First comes a program to follow, days to busy ourselves and days to rest. Then a strong healthy body to carry us through is essential. And finally, for our minds, a belief and hope so that we can relax, be mentally settled and find wellbeing.
So our Site banner proclaims ‘LINK - biz,body and soul.’ -- And continues ‘We tirelessly research ---and aim is that more & more may join our ‘journey of discovery’. Our work is finding and supporting our elements of ‘biz, body and soul’, and getting them into a happy combination - a valuable, new holistic approach to wellbeing.
It is not intended as a substitute for any medical treatment you may be undertaking but to give a strengthening of energy so that you may find a brighter and well aligned approach to whatever you have to tackle.