Friday, 16 December 2011


Government must learn to look at the whole picture; not just those ‘academic’ jobs’ that are supposed to drive the UK economy to that of a world front runner. These are many other most worthwhile jobs that cover the interesting and wide field of employment but they have been allowed to wither away by short sighted government strategies. There is little left of Britain as it used to be and 'kick starting the economy/ jobs’, is perhaps, sadly, just a nonsense,

What jobs, what Britain, we may well ask.

Jobs must be built on a firm basis of knowledge and in many areas. –

It seems that obviously the starting point is education. And how well is our education? It may be fine for those from families who are working in the ‘knowledge’ areas, financial, medical, and similar and can fit with the school curriculum.

But for others, who do not fit this narrow template that educationalists accept as ‘good’, much is spoilt by poor behaviour in the classroom. It takes tremendous effort to repair this damage and employers should not have to give time to retrain their new recruits in basic learning and basic good behaviour.

Then how on earth to ‘kick start the economy'? ‘What jobs, what Britain’, we may well ask again. Have we, the people the workforce, the enthusiasm and desire to be kick started? So many, young and old, feel very tired of the struggle to find steady, satisfactory work. Is government suggesting that a better economy, with better financial rewards will be sufficient to get things moving again? After so many years of struggle and tears as more and more factories have been closed and interesting manual and technical jobs taken away, is this enough? How to start up the real jobs and help people find again the enjoyment, friendship and education that work can bring. The task is far more involved than getting the old Vespa to pop, pop, pop back again to life.

I spoke with a Kenyan friend today. His opinion was that 'people in this country simply do not want to work; they are much happier to take the many handouts that government will pay them and live a lazy existence'.

Yes, sometimes this MAY be true. However today I saw three being blown, battered and rained on as they went letter box to letter box giving out their leaflets. Often this is what is given to young people, job seekers as they are labelled. Why, even with a computer training there is often no real job available.

The idea seems to be not to help interesting employment to survive but simply to scale down job variety so they are economic to provide and run; and go hang what people want or would like to do.

Now then I call on the Daily Star for input. 'UK youngsters are often low on communications skills, can’t spell or do basic maths' is a recent theme. And why ‘Poor teaching in schools’, and again why? Because simple; sensible discipline is not allowed to take place. Teachers very often work in an atmosphere of poor behaviour from the pupils and have little or no help to maintain discipline.

Is this huge major fault difficult to put right? No! It merely requires having people in schools skilled in discipline strategies to work with teachers and help them get on with the lessons.

So the problem could be solved ‘tomorrow’ .With discipline in the lessons enjoyment of education would be possible and communication skills among the pupils could grow - and enthusiasm would grow among teachers for what can be a most satisfying job. This sensible discipline is not allowed because educational psychologists overrule what is simply good sense to apparently further their own employment they suggest we must talk to pupils injured psychologies rather than apply sensible discipline. So we damage the pupils and any enthusiasm for their jobs that teachers have.

Monday, 28 November 2011 - Relationships - the best of all

"It was Sunday so I went to see Friends --- I go when I want to sit quietly and think on life's events and perhaps be able to share them. - the Friends or Quakers in the UK have a unique approach to meetings. You can just sit in silence or put in something if you feel its worth sharing. No one is in charge. Here you may find your special living part, the part that lifts you through the problems of life.
So for this special silence I went to the Roundhay meeting. I sat for 30 minutes and felt I must share my thoughts. I stood. "I want to talk about relationships and hope I don't bore you, I began. "My daughter decided she would like to get married. They have been together 11 years already and three children! They chose the church next to my primary school in Sharow, North Yorkshire- a nice thought - a lot of expense though, 'they will get over it I expect.’
‘Then this Power, this God, through a man called Fox, started the Friends /Quaker meetings at their Meeting Houses.. Often I just say Creator, Father, Friend. If you believe it - the One who made all things and beautiful trees, the flowers out of the window. In the 23rd the Father gives the rod and staff that help when we walk in difficult times and helps us on the way. And the Friend (the carpenter who made chairs, not much said about that) He said 'your not just my servants, no I will call you Friends' . That's the best relationship of all.
But he also told us 'if you can’t make it alone you may take a wife (he used a man called Paul to tell us that)
When I was young I went to work in Chelmsford, Essex. Here they had a club, the International Friendship league was it’s name. Young people from many countries met there, and here I met my wife.
Yes 40 years now, and we have fought our way thru' and had good times too.
So that’s it, relationships, good times and sometimes not so good. But we need them and it was made so that our race could continue-----
And one lady also shared some of the relationship problems she had had 'I was thankful for the light that came to me' she said.
Afterwards , while we drank tea and coffee and chatted, I said to my retired friend "and do u miss school teaching ' No, he said, 'for we teach them NC stuff but often they can't use a spade, they hold it just by the handle, or can't even use a screwdriver.
I told them of the Bulgarian expert plumber I knew and the Polish friends who can speak two languages and even get to work on time.
"And now, us. we can't even make a boiler for a locomotive!" and Maggie got a good telling off too.
But I must leave that as it will be part of the next entry -----      

Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Mortgage Scam

I thought on the Mortgage scam - In the UK when we have a mortgage we have the notion that the house belongs to us. But note: the bank holds the deeds ‘till all mortgage payments are made – so who really owns your house?

Of course when we finally make all the payments and get our hands on the deeds then it is our house, then we will really do own the house! But for how long? We have ‘moved on’ in life a little now and we may find we have to remortgage again to pay expenses such as helping our children or even to pay for nursing care – we may find we have little time to enjoy our hard earned dwelling.

So a mortgage is simply a device to allow us to think we own the house – but in reality what we own is at first a tiny fraction, later maybe a half and later still, with much hard lobour and persistence the whole house. But beware! If you miss your payments a few times the ‘beneficial bank’ is quite ready to repossess and does not bother to grant back what you have paid before the repo takes place. It will happily sell your property to pay itself what is still outstanding and if the sale does not fetch enough your ‘beneficial bank’ will bill you again for the rest!

So why do we not rent at about half the usual mortgage payment rate and have much more free money, as they do in real Europe? ‘Because this way we can get our own house’ you may say.

But sadly this hope is often just an unfulfilled dream.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

European Union are rapidly implementing new legislation which will effectively BAN FOREVER a large range of supplements.

I spoke with a friend recently about Chelation - the removal of extra metal deposits that can get lodged in our bodies, brains and many other organs. Not a good idea to have these hanging around and reducing our memory power and messing up functions in the kidney and liver --- I also looked at his site and spied the following message - please read this for your own good and reply to this blog so we may together take some action to stop this action against our human rights.

The European Union are rapidly implementing new legislation which will effectively BAN FOREVER a large range of supplements. These include Chinese
mushroom capsules, reishi and cordyceps plus thousands of others. These
products will then only be available (if at all) through the pharmaceutical
companies at extortionate prices and they will be full of fillers/sweeteners
and other assorted 'nasties'.


Tuesday, 3 May 2011

fishes heads actually point - u get directions to the shop

Tired after work, I ventured for Fish and Chips.    Martin at Winfield has two signs on the big roundabout. ‘its like a lifeline to the business – such a fuss to get two signs – ‘oh u cant do that they (the council) said – and yet in the end they were helping! You see fishes heads actually point so u get directions to the shop ‘gosh, that’s not allowed on these signs’ I hear the council say. I said something about the councils obstructive ways which I won’t write here.
We all now how true this sort of unhelpful behaviour is and there is no wonder so many small businesses founder in this atmosphere. So there is little wonder at all that small businesses close and jobs are lost. How on earth can the UK prosper in this sort of atmosphere? Why do we struggle on – yet we do.
If your biz is called Sainsbury’s or Morrison’s u can take up the challenge and use legal power to get what u want. If u are just starting out it is so much more difficult.
Read this Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg and put pressure on so the councils are more helpful , Also keep the Biz Rates down, as they are until October. Scotland helps SMBs with its far seeing parliament, then we can do the same.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

With great enthusiasm I put together this letter

With great enthusiasm I put together this letter - at least in mind many of my colleagues agree with this - and of course I received the usual little card to thank me for my effort!

What do you think of my sentiments - or are you one of the many who think politicians are in a club of their own who only say they care ???? You are welcome to post your views here!

Mr David Cameron, P.M.
10 Downing Street
London, SW1 2AA
109a Roundhay Road
Leeds LS8 5AJ
4th October 2010
Dear David Cameron and Nick Clegg,
There is much ability in the UK – yet people who would do much , put in much effort, are stifled again and again ---- Or should I say were stifled and the signs from the Coalition look good. Chances for ordinary people to come forward and give a hand in voluntary or even paid capacities in work with libraries , setting up schools, young peoples training and in enhancement of what is in many places is already struggling to take place are growing.
The main point being to recognise this work and to remove the negative ‘vibes’ the media seem to attach to any mistakes that are made; far better than we may try to help than to be dumbed down by over control as has been the case. I think I talk of the bigger society here and I/we of LINKtogether co-op welcome the new government. I have enclosed copies of our latest paper for your attention where I mention this .
This letter and enclosures of our paper are to make you aware that you have ‘grass roots’ support here in Leeds. We are neither Conservative, Lib Dem or Labour in alignment but our thrust is with what is good for young people and the good of the UK. The coalition seems to be the way forward, especially with your ideas to make taking a job pay and be worthwhile. I had these ideas and published them many years ago but being on a very small scale and under a government that thought it knew best with no time to listen, of course they had little impact.
We have been around now for more than 3 years at 109a and develop ideas and ‘projects’ as we go along.
All best wishes to the Coalition Government and we hope to hear back from you in good time.
John Broadhead and ‘the team’ at LINKtogether, 109a Roundhay Road, Leeds