Monday, 9 June 2014

Extracted from a recent Link Co-Operative meeting; On the panel were Evans Gallo, Steven Jhakra, and John Broadhead

The Meeting opened with John saying - ‘The Co-Operative principle has been in my mind for a long time now; But can we to our advantage look at LINK Co-Operatives work more seriously. 

Recently, on Radio 4, I heard about a Co-operative operating in East Lothian,  Scotland. This  company, ‘Clansman Dynamics’ , was sold to it’s workers in 2009 by it’s Owner/ Manager, to become  a cooperative venture.  It makes remote control manipulators were work pieces from a few pounds to several tons can be moved around by the operator. Here the workers, some 39, have became part owners of the company and now all can give input to the running of the firm. With open meetings any member may  bring up points and have these discussed and, if adopted by the meeting, acted upon. The enthusiasm and interest in the work going on has now completely increased and profits have doubled since the change.   
So it was decided by our panel members to try this method of working for the Link Co-Operative.

It was already in place to some extent but to give time and develop the principle further was to be our new approach and to make the LINK’S work our work.  
Any  person is welcome to join us simply by giving his / her time and effort as they attend one of our Friendly Forum meetings on the fourth Friday of the month ; but people  are also welcome to join our New Ideas and Admin meetings on the second Friday and this meeting will feed in ideas for our Friendly Forum and help us go further.     
Below, to make clear what we are about, our headings describing LINK Co-Operative’s areas of work. Please join us and find out more about these.
 LINK CO – OPERATIVE (a non profit UUA) OFFICE, 102 Woodland Lane, LS7 4QG                                                             CONTACT   0113 4400295   07802 741 346 and
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