Wednesday, 16 March 2011

With great enthusiasm I put together this letter

With great enthusiasm I put together this letter - at least in mind many of my colleagues agree with this - and of course I received the usual little card to thank me for my effort!

What do you think of my sentiments - or are you one of the many who think politicians are in a club of their own who only say they care ???? You are welcome to post your views here!

Mr David Cameron, P.M.
10 Downing Street
London, SW1 2AA
109a Roundhay Road
Leeds LS8 5AJ
4th October 2010
Dear David Cameron and Nick Clegg,
There is much ability in the UK – yet people who would do much , put in much effort, are stifled again and again ---- Or should I say were stifled and the signs from the Coalition look good. Chances for ordinary people to come forward and give a hand in voluntary or even paid capacities in work with libraries , setting up schools, young peoples training and in enhancement of what is in many places is already struggling to take place are growing.
The main point being to recognise this work and to remove the negative ‘vibes’ the media seem to attach to any mistakes that are made; far better than we may try to help than to be dumbed down by over control as has been the case. I think I talk of the bigger society here and I/we of LINKtogether co-op welcome the new government. I have enclosed copies of our latest paper for your attention where I mention this .
This letter and enclosures of our paper are to make you aware that you have ‘grass roots’ support here in Leeds. We are neither Conservative, Lib Dem or Labour in alignment but our thrust is with what is good for young people and the good of the UK. The coalition seems to be the way forward, especially with your ideas to make taking a job pay and be worthwhile. I had these ideas and published them many years ago but being on a very small scale and under a government that thought it knew best with no time to listen, of course they had little impact.
We have been around now for more than 3 years at 109a and develop ideas and ‘projects’ as we go along.
All best wishes to the Coalition Government and we hope to hear back from you in good time.
John Broadhead and ‘the team’ at LINKtogether, 109a Roundhay Road, Leeds