Tuesday, 28 May 2013

sad to see this prescriptive education forced upon children and teachers

It makes me very sad to see this prescriptive education forced upon children and teachers; it is killing and spoiling the sense of adventure and enjoyment that is possible in their early years

    I was fortunate enough to teach in primary school before the national curriculum became the all consuming rule that it is now. With a class sitting in groups of mixed ability children it was possible to organise so the more able could help the less able. 
Then on each Friday afternoon came the time for ‘class competition’ – all the children sat up straight and one was chosen to be at the board to put up the marks scored and discipline any who spoke out of turn by taking a mark from their team.. I sat and guided what went on and usually found a different group to win each week.  
    There was almost complete silence in the room as these very interested children did their very best in work often of their own choice.
    Now this free method of working with children is gone and with it the value of real education and enjoyment for the children;  now the chance for teachers to teach and use their own skills to the maximum is lost.
    Prescriptive education is now being forced upon our children and teachers and kills and spoils the sense of adventure that can be felt in early education;  can we not allow children to be children at least till they reach 10 years of age and give them worthwhile ideas and ways to keep them through the rest of their lives.