Saturday, 26 May 2012

DANGER! the almost real excitement of the internet.

I walk to Wetherspoons for ‘ breki’.    It is not bad, but not to my ‘new diet’ standards. Sometimes, however, we need a change and let someone else do the cooking – or put it in the microwave!

On box is Levenson enquiry.   I’m not too interested but note that perhaps 30 people are involved in running the court room and many more in preparing the rooms---

Also I note that Sky is apparently giving a whole channel to relaying this to ourselves the interested public. Why are we interested? – it may well be because of the virtual world we are slowly but surely being sucked into.   Here is a great danger – a sort of media infection of the mind, our minds.

I read somewhere that this virtual world that revolves around facebook and twitter and the like, is dangerous because instead of intelligent conversation we talk only with typing ‘yes’ or ‘no’. 

No longer do we have mates around because they are all busy typing away to their ‘101’ or many more 'friends' on the computer.

This makes the likes of Bill Gates and Facebook happy and gives the Stock Exchange something to report on. But is it really good for the likes of you and me?

Is real life passing us by in the almost real excitement of the internet.