Monday, 28 November 2011 - Relationships - the best of all

"It was Sunday so I went to see Friends --- I go when I want to sit quietly and think on life's events and perhaps be able to share them. - the Friends or Quakers in the UK have a unique approach to meetings. You can just sit in silence or put in something if you feel its worth sharing. No one is in charge. Here you may find your special living part, the part that lifts you through the problems of life.
So for this special silence I went to the Roundhay meeting. I sat for 30 minutes and felt I must share my thoughts. I stood. "I want to talk about relationships and hope I don't bore you, I began. "My daughter decided she would like to get married. They have been together 11 years already and three children! They chose the church next to my primary school in Sharow, North Yorkshire- a nice thought - a lot of expense though, 'they will get over it I expect.’
‘Then this Power, this God, through a man called Fox, started the Friends /Quaker meetings at their Meeting Houses.. Often I just say Creator, Father, Friend. If you believe it - the One who made all things and beautiful trees, the flowers out of the window. In the 23rd the Father gives the rod and staff that help when we walk in difficult times and helps us on the way. And the Friend (the carpenter who made chairs, not much said about that) He said 'your not just my servants, no I will call you Friends' . That's the best relationship of all.
But he also told us 'if you can’t make it alone you may take a wife (he used a man called Paul to tell us that)
When I was young I went to work in Chelmsford, Essex. Here they had a club, the International Friendship league was it’s name. Young people from many countries met there, and here I met my wife.
Yes 40 years now, and we have fought our way thru' and had good times too.
So that’s it, relationships, good times and sometimes not so good. But we need them and it was made so that our race could continue-----
And one lady also shared some of the relationship problems she had had 'I was thankful for the light that came to me' she said.
Afterwards , while we drank tea and coffee and chatted, I said to my retired friend "and do u miss school teaching ' No, he said, 'for we teach them NC stuff but often they can't use a spade, they hold it just by the handle, or can't even use a screwdriver.
I told them of the Bulgarian expert plumber I knew and the Polish friends who can speak two languages and even get to work on time.
"And now, us. we can't even make a boiler for a locomotive!" and Maggie got a good telling off too.
But I must leave that as it will be part of the next entry -----