Sunday, 19 July 2009



Dear Reader, It is never my intention to talk the UK down – enough of the media is busy doing that already. Instead let’s look what went wrong and work hard together to put matters right.

Already there is much material wealth in the UK. It is simply a matter of sensibly organisation to respond correctly to the new conditions.

‘Is it worth it! As individuals we can make no difference’ some may say . At LINK we believe it is possible to improve matters. Much of the difficulty we face is set up by unbalanced and deeply negative media. Toss this depressing stuff aside and our chance is much better.
Here is a personal snapshot. My 88 year old friend at the sports centre swims every week and plays golf five times. My carpenter friend works hard and often does not demand payment till you are ready to pay; A young lady I know works hard in the day and yet still has time to bring up her three children to a very good standard. An Ice Cream man who comes around not only sell his delicious ice cream but is ready to give a little away to any ‘needy’ children. There are so many people in society who are prepared to put in a bit more. It is well worth the fight to get back to normal life with security and hope – to LOBBY FOR A GOVERNMENT ( a coalition*, a Linking together of parties?) that sees the need for better conditions for business with much lighter restrictions and a tax regime that is affordable and fair. This way we may still see the UK’s recovery and happier times ahead!
*Coalition governments exist in many countries. A coalition government might also be created in a time of national difficulty or crisis, for example during wartime, to give a government the high degree of perceived political legitimacy it desires whilst also playing a role in diminishing internal political strife, i.e. All effort applied to the countries good rather than the usual fighting and squabbling.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Business Rates Halved!

So much depends on business. Without this so many jobs will be lost AND THE UK WILL GRIND TO A HALT. I am sure I have spoken of this before but it is well worth airing again.

Government is so busy helping banks who, it seems, are mainly interested in helping themselves and not providing affordable loans to business. A huge waste of money making hard times harder.

If we focus on small and medium business this is where so many jobs exist. Yet business rates rose again this year endangering even more closures.

Recently however came a little ray of light. There was a father and son business where rates were draining the work away. The proprietor said 'can you help or my son will be on the dole' - and the rates people halved the business rates he had to pay. A sign of a sensible response, saving on benefits payments and the chance to keep up the skills of employment. So help is possible but why is this not generally known.

Let this help come out into the light and government money be used to back up this most worthy cause!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Help Businesses, Create jobs, help UK survive

Margaret Thatcher championed the right to buy your own house. Others in the US gave the same message and people were heavily influenced to get on the housing ladder at all costs. So ‘my money’ was put into ‘my house’ – the problem was it was ‘my house’ only as long as the mortgage debt was paid regularly and the banks and indirectly the government had all us home owners over a barrel, working as slaves to keep the payments up and avoid repossession.
Now, with the Crunch, this system and its pitfall is all too clear. So better lending terms are needed all round so that sensible loans may be taken and we are not a dragged down in a debt laden society.
Urgently these better terms must extend to commercial loans. For without industry at small, medium and higher levels the UK will not repay its huge loans and life in the way we now expect it will be ended.
It’s not often brought up that the huge bonus payouts made by banks to top staff and unsafe investments had a lot to do with the bankrupt condition they found themselves in even before the credit crunch. Once the payments stopped coming in regularly they quickly felt insolvent.
Another factor, perhaps the real crux of the matter, is the loss of ordinary work to the IT industry. People, even those with technical skills, are needed less and less as guided machines take their jobs. Perhaps here is the real reason for the fall of Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac in the US and the huge repercussions around the world. Many ‘sub prime’ folk just could not find jobs to cover their mortgages
----And where are these sub prime folk, only in America? Oh, don’t think the term doesn’t include the UK and you! The way things are moving only those ‘knowledge workers’ in the right place at the right time will find well paid work. How can the banks lend money to the less fortunate, those who are sub prime?
Only by offering much more flexibility to their customers and accepting much lower profits can this happen..
Simply we must deflate and survive in our own UK ‘cottage’ industries and adopt a fair and well regulated financial system. If a model on these lines can be set up and maintained, there is no reason that we cannot all live happily ever after. But I expect someone too human, greedy and cunning will attempt to mess things up again so we must all watch out!
John B

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Banks also responsible for mortgage problems

Banks are responsible for mortgage repayment problems also. No good just blaming often mislead borrowers alone for the financial crisis - what about the banks run by the 'financially astute'.
Share blame for irresponsible lending & make them accept lower payments & reset the amounts outstanding.

Monday, 9 February 2009

The Spirit of our Age - " Zeitgeist? "

A few months ago my attention was drawn to 'Zeitgeist'. Released on the internet in 07, this three part film talks of the religious, ethical, and moral 'spirit of our age'.
To put its massage briefly we are told that God and Jesus are part of a myth started up to control people, 'an astrological hybrid'. Next, the 9/11 disaster is portrayed as a 'set up' designed to trigger the war on terror and worry people into acquiescence with the many restrictive measures taken.
Finally, part 3, shows the Money Masters, such as the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, intent on gradually gaining dominance over each and every one of us through central control of the money supply. Supporting this view are interesting revelations e.g. the American war of independence was started because the Bank of England overtaxed the colonists; and the Lusitania was sunk in May 1915, killing many American passengers, to draw the US into WW1 and into the Fed's net of exorbitant interest charges on armaments.
So the film brings a viewpoint you may not have seen before, I certainly had not. It suggests that Governments seek to control people who elect them democratically, and that high finance institutions and families who control the money supply are seeking control of not just people, but also the many national governments. Obviously this contain much truth.
However, as to the revelations on God and Jesus, while it is known that in the past the fear of God has been used to control people, to explain away God (or the Creator) as a myth is simply not backed up in our new age of understanding and enquiry.
Walk and open your eyes! SEE so many wonderful things cannot be explained. A child is born, it grows and the wonder increases. There is somehow a special energy embedded in Creation and now many endeavour to find out more about it, to tap into It and use it. This is the true spirit of our age, The creative power that brings us here and maintains us. Through caring properly for each other and our beautiful earth comes HOPE, and from this comes a sense of freedom - and with this power it is easy enough to work around any Controls set upon us.
Certainly look on Google for Zeitgeist and watch the movie. But be very quizzical of all its revelations.