Monday, 18 May 2009

Business Rates Halved!

So much depends on business. Without this so many jobs will be lost AND THE UK WILL GRIND TO A HALT. I am sure I have spoken of this before but it is well worth airing again.

Government is so busy helping banks who, it seems, are mainly interested in helping themselves and not providing affordable loans to business. A huge waste of money making hard times harder.

If we focus on small and medium business this is where so many jobs exist. Yet business rates rose again this year endangering even more closures.

Recently however came a little ray of light. There was a father and son business where rates were draining the work away. The proprietor said 'can you help or my son will be on the dole' - and the rates people halved the business rates he had to pay. A sign of a sensible response, saving on benefits payments and the chance to keep up the skills of employment. So help is possible but why is this not generally known.

Let this help come out into the light and government money be used to back up this most worthy cause!