Monday, 21 September 2015

Financial Bubble is again in view!

A Financial Bubble is again in view!  We do not learn lessons but instead continue to pump money bonds into Europes failing economy in order to save it says Wolfgang Schaeuble, Gemany’s finance minister.  ‘Structural reform is what is needed’
Mr Schaeuble is right and it’s no good propping up countries financially again and again.  Why not admit the euro for all was a huge mistake and is now much to do with Greece’s problems and similar problems arising.Greece tried to go it’s own way but with a top heavy and controlled financial system it could not shake off it had little chance.

There has to be a difference in each countries financial / fiscal arrangements.  
Each Country  and its people are different, with different working and lifestyles . As I have written before , People need their own currencies and control over interest rates etc.  Without this chance to act for themselves national interest is gone and people  are not going to work hard or feel responsible for how their country is performing.   

Perhaps that the ECB and those controlling Europes finances  can’t realise, or rather want to act on this fairly obvious  fact, fully exposes  ‘the mortgage game’ which is being played by the ECB and those well lined folk in the richer EU countries.  

So it is that countries are involved in a downward financial spiral and this will not stop until the basic steps I have outlined above are taken. No doubt there will be glitches in how fast the downward drift takes place but on a national and home working scale it will be he/ she who looks for fair and different opportunities who will survive by not owing banks too much money and surviving at levels which they can truly afford.                                                                   

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