Wednesday, 2 March 2016

So to All Hallows to eat ‘for anyone and everyone - pay-as-you-feel donation basis.’

All Hallows Leeds 6.   A notice as we walk in,  ‘Asylum Seekers and Refugees Welcome.’   ‘All Welcome’.    So we go to All Hallows to eat and not a bad meal  ‘for anyone and everyone on a pay-as-you-feel donation basis.’   All Hallows  remembers Noah’s voyage in the Ark and the rainbow he saw as the flood ended and calls itself   ‘A church of the rainbow people of God’.

And sometimes we all need asylum and refuge.  here.   I looked up these just above words and their meanings - refuge, safe haven, sanctuary/bolt hole , retreat, harbour. 

After a morning in the dentist’s chair at LDI for some restorative work I certainly needed a bolt hole. And so do we all if we are honest, for life is not always easy, and when it’s somewhere to eat and rest,  a place like the  TRJFP @ All Hallows’ Cafe acting on behalf of our  Father and Friend,   is sometimes worth it’s weight in gold!    See if you can find the meaning of TRJFP.  

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