Monday, 20 June 2016


SOUL STUDIES – IN THIS SECTION OF OUR WORK WE ARE SEEKING A COPING MECHANISM* WE ALL NEED IN THESE HARD TIMES; We may lose our tempers, drink, take on Religion or Spiritualism. as we  struggle to find a better way forward; and obviously these Hopes often fail. BUT our  SOUL is the part of ourselves we often refer to in songs and psalms ; It is difficult to define exactly; we may send a message from our ‘shipwreck’; we may call out ‘SAVE OUR SOULS,  HEAL OUR DISTRESS’.  Why do we call for help, can we contact this personal coping mechanism? if you believe we can then join us; that is why we undertake our ‘journey’ in SOUL STUDIES.   Please read carefully the piece written next.

“YOU are with me, I need nothing more. Sometimes I find the peace of still waters; Sometimes I find storm , I feel trouble is near and I fall very low; then, suddenly, there is goodness all around me and I have new strength given. YOUR rod and staff comfort me and YOU restore my Soul; so I Live again, every day is new and fresh, and I may be with YOU for ever!  

Who is this YOU who is with us and restores us? Find out more, join us at our forum.  Or you may recognise where this comes from, then you are very near to the coping mechanism we are discussing here.

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